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Fishery Rules of Loei Jungle Fishing Lake

  1. Open for fishing between 06:30 am and 19:00 pm, 24-hour ticket until 22:00 pm.
  3. We are a Barbless hook only lake, so barbs must be crushed if you bring your own hooks / rigs / tackle.

No treble hooks, no multi-hook rigs, no stainless steel hooks or No circle hooks are to be used, we will check before rods go into the water.

  1. We have top quality rods and reels that can handle the weight of our fish, You can bring your own rods to use, but your tackle but it must be a minimum of 50lb braid for the carp species and 80lb braid for the predators.
  2. Bait will be supplied by us, We use Boilies, Lum/rice husk, pellets, different types of corns for carp, Dead baits or for predators, if you have your own bait and want to try it out, you must ask us first, if we say “NO” it means NO!.
  3. Do not play the fish too hard or too soft. We will be checking drag settings to avoid this. If you fight too hard you may lose or harm the fish, a single firm strike is enough to set the hook into the fishes’ mouth.
  4. At any time do not leave any rods unattended under any circumstances, Lost rods are the responsibility of the angler and will be charged at 10,000 baht.
  5. No sharing of rods with friends or family members.
  6. Children – We do not allow children under 18s fishing on site without an accompanying paying adult. If you are bringing a youngster with you, please ensure that they are well behaved.
  7. Please make sure phones or cameras are ready if you catch a fish.
  8. No alcohol, no drinks or food of any kind to be brought onto the premises, there is a drink and food menu available.
  9. No illegal substances to be brought onto or consumed on our property. THIS PROPERTY IS A PRIVATE RESIDENCE and we abide by Thai laws.
  10. Use of Bungalow and pool, please leave the bungalow clean and tidy upon checking out.
  11. We want you to have a fun filled day and be safe while fishing here with us. A lot of our rules and regulations may seem slightly strict, but they are for your safety and our exotic prized fish’s safety.

Accidents may and can happen especially when dealing with these large and strong fish.

Finally, we can only put fish in the lakes we cannot make them jump onto your hook!

Tight lines and wet nets, Jez and Pond.