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Things to do in Loei

Loei is one of the most captivating, fascinating places in Thailand, surrounded by mountains hence the name “The Sea of mountains”, it is also the coldest place in Siam (Thailand).

It is one of the most sparsely populated provinces of Thailand that lies in the Isan region, upper north-eastern Thailand. Neighbouring provinces are (from east clockwise) Nong KhaiUdon ThaniNongbua LamphuKhon KaenPhetchabunPhitsanulok, it also borders Xaignabouli and Vientiane Province of Laos which can be seen from Chaing khan across the Mekong river.


Chaing Khan is a famous place which Thai’s from all parts of Thailand like to come and relax next to the Mekong river with the lovely climate and sunsets, also good to take a river boat and see the neighbouring country Lao. Hotels, guest houses, shops, food and restaurants, temples, site seeing spots are all here.

Phi Ta Khon Festival

Thailand is a country filled with her own ghosts and demons unique to this country. One of the most famous festival involving spirit-beings, is the Phi-Ta-Khon festival held in Loei province, Located in the Dan Sai area between March & July. A colourful event held over 3 days, The exact dates are usually announced by local spirit mediums but the festival typically starts on a Friday during the first weekend after the sixth full moon of the year. It is expected that it will take place on 11 June 2021.

Huai krathing Dam

A great place to spend a relaxing afternoon, you can rent a raft / small houseboat, have food ferried out to you by long tail boats, eat, drink, swim or relax to your heart’s content.

Saloon Loei pub and restaurant

A lovely local and friendly pub owned by Chris and Pee Par with good food, good music and of course a very wide selection of drinks too, a pool table, and sometimes live bands and quiz nights too, a great place to hang out anytime of the day or night, Chris and Pee Par will always make you feel welcome, A well know hang out place for motorcycle riders around Thailand as lots of different Europeans that live in Thailand pass through here.

European and Thai food on the menu, Beef steaks, Pork chops, Chicken steaks, Spaghetti, Pizzas, Salads and many more dishes available, They also rent motorbikes so people can go local sightseeing and then for the more adventurous and experienced bike riders they can offer touring bikes.

Saturday Night market

The local market is a great way to get to know Loei it sells everything from shoes clothes street food vegetables, plants, domestic animals, would highly recommend walking around this market, maybe your pick up a bargain or two, as once outside the main city’s it gets a bit cheaper.

Wat Pa Huay Lad

This is an amazing beautiful Buddhist temple set in surrounding mountains in Loei with an extensive area and a great view on the way to Phu rua. The temple located in hill spacious area and a lake nearby with a large statue Guan Yin and another large statue of lord Buddha and also many gold statues to pray the respect and/or make merit like the local people do, plus they have a load of different fish in there which you can feed.

Loei Kebab Plus

A lovely little family business run by Brian and Tai, with a lot of English types of food being served during the week only. Loei Kebab Plus is  situated in the heart of the busy Thai Loei Market and is situated just off of Loei’s Ruamjai Road, they have been serving the people of Loei and for 5 years and it’s quickly becoming the place to visit for western customers for great tasting, Great value for money for different western foods, serving Kebabs, Pie and Mash, Fish and Chips, Curry’s plus many more and once a month there is a quiz night too.